Reliquary of Labor Project

A collaboratiion between Gene Gort, Ken Steen and Jeffrey Krieger was begun in the spring of 2005. Designed as a parallel-media project, the work examines the elegance, simple beauty and importance of labor as a creative process. The project, "Reliquary of Labor", previewed on April 30, 2006 presented by the New Britain Museum of American Art. A second preview occured on August 31, 2006 with the trio in residence from August 28-31. The remarkable percussionists The Quey Percussion Duo were featured in the live presentations. The premier presentation was on November 26, 2006 to coincide with the final stage of the opening of the museum's new arts complex containing a performance space and new galleries.

The associated website is a repository of our working process to remove the mystery of the "performance event" or the final artwork. You can download sound, image and video clips there and subscribe to podcasts. We have posted video documentation of the premier from November on the site. Check back for updates and future related projects...