WHIRL WITHOUT END – 3:38m., © 1996

"WHIRL WITHOUT END" prompts a consideration
of the effects of catastrophe on memory and
development. Images of unknown origin emerge
and submerge repetitively, implying danger, like
fragments of an insistent memory which refuses
to be suppressed. The poetic narrative suggests
a call to action and intervention to relieve the
trauma inferred by this fictional account.

voice over script

She would be eight.
And the scene that put her here,
curb for a pillow,
plays a film loop on the inside of her luminous gaze.

Etched onerous.
Scorched incessant.

She would stare.

There will be no credit sequence –
No "best boy",
no "key grip",
no "special thanks"
if we don't change the reel for her.

She would remain eight.
Whirl without end.