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Each to Each is new-media chamber opera in one act for Soprano, Tenor, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano, keyboard sampler, programming, video projections and other visual elements. The project is a collaboration between composer/sound artist, Ken Steen and visual/media artist, Gene Gort.
Each to Each is built upon a renovated 18th century operatic form called opera seria. The poetry of Denise Levertov is the source of the work’s multi-faceted interpretation of a traditional “libretto.” Each to Each thematically explores the associative yearning for clarity of expression and the struggle to find meaning in one’s own existence. It takes liberties with conventional narrative and operatic form, easily slipping between poetic narrative, dream space and physical action on stage.
The Project Site is a work-in-progress meant to document our process as the project develops. It uses the open model developed for Reliquary of Labor, demystifying our creative process and giving access to an audience before during and after the "performance event".