EVENT HORIZON – 2005                                                    installation  
installation with video projection and digital mural prints  (video here)   

The title of the project refers to the phenomenon at the edge of a black hole where matter is on the brink of consumption as it changes into infinite density - or "singularity". It represents the idea of the inevitability of change and the swiftness of transformation. However, the dominant image in the piece, a waterfall, is in slow motion and creates a sense of vertigo and uncertainty. Because of the hypnotic illusion, the contrast of stasis and flux produces an instability which is experienced both in terms of the viewer's physical location with reference to the image and duration itself. Expectations are thwarted with pauses in image and sound creating a sense of suspended animation without resolution. This stalled state affords reflection on ideas of inevitability, change and one's perception of the present.

The digital prints of video stills inhabiting the installation make physical the illusion of the moving image and provide points of reference. They measure 3' wide and range in height from 10' to 13'. The installation is adaptable to various configurations and spaces.