Search | Research - 2014
(for "Missing Links", curated by Catherine Vanaria)               digital imaging
A family photo album from the early 20th century was acquired from a flea market in Paris. The details and identities of the family and friends pictured are missing. I have selected four generic types from the album that seem to be the obvious categories: portraits, landscapes, historical places/monuments, and posing with others and with objects. I have subjected each image to a Google “image search” which processes the images in a comparative analysis using various algorithms, “searching” for similarity. This seems analogous to the way one would construct comparisons in one’s own mind based on both subjective and objective criteria as “remembering”. Screen shots are taken of the results and blurred so as to neutralize the specifics of the images and resort to a limited, iconic comparison akin to the limited, generalized information I have of the original pictures.
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