GENEGORT.COM (2001, ongoing)               digital imaging               project site presents the complete portfolio of archival digital prints from twenty years of work on this project. All images have been produced by placing objects on or above a flatbed scanner. No camera has been used in the process, hence the name.

"The work on the site is a departure from my media-based work and collaborations. In 2000, I bought a flat-bed scanner and began experimenting, placing objects directly onto the glass which resulted in some visual surprises. The direct lighting, shallow depth-of-field, and peculiar sense of gravity revealed the apparatus and its workings, and clearly departed from traditional lens-based photography. This was refreshing. It is direct, governed by traditional aesthetics and formalism. The process of building these images is more like, 'let’s see what happens', than conforming to a planned composition. Once the objects are scanned, the compositional process begins, cropping, editing, and cleaning the images. I am often surprised by the results and often feel like the images are 'gifts' or discoveries that the scanning process reveals – a way of seeing. This work allows me the satisfaction of creating something beautiful that is a result of a process that continues to reveal the things around me in ways I couldn’t do with simple observation.”