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Drifting Off - 2015 RT: 8:33
Drifting Off is a composition by Ken Steen for double bass featuring Robert Black.

This video is a performance documentation shot in the studio and edited in post-production to simulate the interactive live video component. The programming uses the amplitude of the bass to regulate the opacity of the video.

It premiered at MENGI, Reykjavik, Iceland in February 2015 during the Dark Music Days Festival. It was also performed as part of a double bass performance concert at the Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford later that month.

Music composed by Ken Steen
Audio editing - Ken Steen
Double Bass - Robert Black
Interactive Video Design and Production - Gene Gort
Video Post Production - Gene Gort
Performance interactive programming - Adam Lenz
Studio audio recordist - Adam Lenz
Recorded at the Video Studio, Media Arts Department, Hartford Art School, University of Hartford