...or forever hold your peace - 2018 (documentation 1:45 min)
"...or forever hold your peace" is an interactive installation. Viewers are prompted to step up on the platform and speak into the megaphone. When they speak, sing, or make any sound, the program responds by drawing randomly positioned black and grey gestural lines onto the screen. This makes visible the three live RSS news feeds from Al Jazeera English, CNN, and Fox News that crawl across the screen. Since these words are white on a white background, they are only made visible when the viewer makes a sound. The project was developed for a group exhibition curated by Joe Bun Keo at Hartford ArtSpace entitled, "Don't Boil the Ocean". This documentation was recorded in the fall of 2018.

Interactive Design, Video Production, and Fabrication - Gene Gort
Interactive Programming - Tim Lawless
Special Thanks - Joe Bun Keo